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Fun-Filled and Meaningful Naming Ceremonies for Your Children

At AB Ceremonies in Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire, we know that for parents, choosing what to call their child is a tremendously significant moment in their lives. With our special services, we can transform this moment into a fully enjoyable experience for you, your son or daughter and all your loved ones.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are a fantastic way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or to welcome adopted or stepchildren into the family. As there is no age limit, it can be held for children of any age.

Unlike usual christenings, we offer a happy, personalised and relaxed ceremony that can be held wherever and whenever you choose. It can be at your home, in the garden, in the park, at the village hall or even at the zoo. However, please note that permission may be required.

A typical naming ceremony usually includes blessings, readings, poems, parental promises and the appointment of a guardian for the child. In addition, it can even have a symbolic activity such as planting a tree, signing a certificate or writing in a wish book.

As it is a personal occasion, the ceremony is tailor-made to meet your particular family’s requirements. Rest assured that we will guide you throughout the entire process.

Costing Details

The costs for our baby naming ceremony services cover the following:

  • Home Visit
  • Unlimited Telephone/Email Contact
  • Getting to Know You and What You Want from the Occasion

  • Sharing of Ideas
  • Draft Ceremony for Checking
  • Delivery of Service at Your Chosen Venue (Maximum of 2 Hours)

Additional costs may be applicable for the following:

  • Travel Expenses

  • Purchase of Any Other Required Items (Invitations, Balloons, Candles Etc.)

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